Thursday, March 24, 2011

Never Give Up

What do you do when you hit a roadblock? It's so easy to give up.  You see the obstacle in front of you and start to rationalize why it's better to walk away.  How many times do you try to get through it before giving up?

Allow me to share one idea to help you bust through that roadblock in front of you.  It's a simple technique, visualization.  Imagine yourself on the other side of the hurdle.  You beat it, you broke through.  Now, look at how happy you are.  Contemplate how it feels to be on the other side of the challenge.

I faced a situation this week that needed perseverance.  It has to do with my first book signing.  I hit a roadblock on my first visit to the new library, my top choice for the book launch.  I already knew the decision maker's name, however, she is not easy to reach.

"She's in a meeting," the librarian said.  "You can leave your name and number."

I wrote my name down and mentioned who referred me, the lady in charge of raising the money for the new library.  I thought this would be a great attention getter.  Well, no phone call.  Hence, a second visit the next day.  This time, I got the number two person in charge since number one was in the middle of a VIP tour.  I left my number a second time, explaining the urgency of my needs.  Bummer, no call back.

So, did I give up and go with an alternate site?  The only problem with that is my vision for the book release is so strong in my mind that the alternate choice just doesn't have the same appeal.  I am MOTIVATED to overcome my fear of rejection and go back a third day in a row.

Yesterday was the third visit.

"She's reading to the kids and will be done shortly," an employee said.  "If you can wait a few minutes, maybe you can say hi."

I approached Ellie, excited to finally get a chance to reserve a room for the book release.

"Your messages are on my desk.  I've been rather busy, sorry I didn't get back to you.  Besides, I'm not sure about your book.  It's about God, right?"

"It's a family memoir, a story of a long lost father who returns home while battling cancer."

"Come into my office and let's talk."

I spent the next forty-five minutes learning all about Ellie's plans for the new library and she offered some great ideas on how my writers group can team up with her.  She walked me over to the book store and introduced me to some volunteers from the "Friends of the Library," a passionate team of people who support reading.

I walked out of the library excited to know that I would be the first writer doing a book signing at the brand new facility.  It took three visits to secure the venue.  Now I can prepare for a fun time sharing my memoir with my community.

My proof copies arrived late yesterday and my daughter, Nicole, dropped the package off during my tennis practice.  Three of my team-mates are reading the proof copies now, helping me with error corrections.

Tomorrow I will submit the corrections and order the book for distribution at the book signing on April 16th.  Please join me from 9am to 11am at the Ramona Library, 1275 Main St, Ramona, and bring a used book to donate.  Your donation will entitle you to a discount at the book signing. 

There is a fine line between being a nuisance and an assertive go-getter.  I have learned to walk this line as a business owner operating in difficult times.  How would you like to call on someone twenty times before getting the desired outcome?  This is common in my line of work.  I find it necessary to get creative in order to get past the sentry guarding the entry way.  Never give up!

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