Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pre-Launch Jitters

  Many, LORD my God,
   are the wonders you have done,
   the things you planned for us.
None can compare with you;
   were I to speak and tell of your deeds,
   they would be too many to declare. ~ Psalm 40:5

My thoughts today are about the final days Jesus was with His followers before Judas turned him over to the roman soldiers.  He spent most of His time in prayer and invited the apostles to do the same.  It was a lonely time for Him.  His followers preferred sleep to prayer and Judas chose money over fellowship.

I have a feeling that Jesus had more than a few butterflies in His stomach.  He understood that His Father had a plan for Him and this plan called for anguish.  Jesus saw the big picture.  He saw new life for the world.  He saw past the troubles that were ahead.  He trusted His Father and remained obedient.

I am ready to leave the cave.  My time of separation from friends and family members is coming to a conclusion.  Yes, I have pre-launch jitters.  I don't know how my future is to unfold.  The final chapters of my memoir have been written, yet God is already showing me that this is only the beginning of His plans for me.  There is only one thing I know for certain about my future.  I am to help you on YOUR journey.  The other ninety nine already belong to Him.  YOU are the One He is looking for.  He sent me out into the darkness to find you and bring you home.  If you are reading this and you feel lost, help is on the way.  If you are part of the ninety nine that already belong to Him, please, hold the gate open until I return and keep praying.  All of Heaven is waiting for these lost sheep to come home.  Some will need to be carried on my shoulders.  They are wounded and can no longer walk on their own.  They feel despair.  Pray for them.  The Father's attention is on them.

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