Friday, March 18, 2011


For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him.  He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance! ~ Acts 28:30-31

The acts of the apostles ends triumphantly as Paul boldly proclaims the kingdom of God, teaching Jews and Gentiles alike about Jesus. Even though he is awaiting trial, he already knows that he will be undefeated.

Since inviting Jesus into my heart, I have learned the same lesson Paul taught the first followers of Jesus, there are no obstacles that can thwart God's will.   Noah understood this when he followed God's boat building instructions. Moses recognized this when he was backed into a corner and the only way out was to trust God, raise his arms, and part the Red Sea. Young David believed all he needed was a sling and a pebble to bring down Goliath.  His enemies knew David was coming and they believed he was unstoppable.  They were right.

In my own life, I celebrate each day knowing God is with me. I no longer worry about the obstacles no matter how great they are. Each victory I proclaim is for God's glory. This blog is merely an account of all the good Jesus is doing in my life.

Today I celebrate the biggest victory to date in my own life, the release of “God's Black Sheep Squadron.” My proof copy will arrive early next week. Once it is reviewed, I will be ordering the first one hundred copies to be signed and delivered to my Angels in the outfield. God has already put the words in my heart to share at the author signing party. The keyword is “undefeated.” Anyone who is in Christ can have what I have.

As David marched to foreign lands and wiped out every enemy in his path, I plan to do the same with my life, using love as my weapon, turning foes into followers of Jesus. There are lost sheep all over the planet who seek a solution for their troubled lives. My friends, I have found that solution in Jesus. 

There was much concern in my family the day I announced the creation of a small company that would compete with a multibillion-dollar monopoly. Most of those close to me thought I was crazy. Six years later, the enemy has retreated from the battlefield and my partners and I boldly expand our business into the void they left behind when they departed.

My tennis teammates and I just completed an undefeated season.  We accumulated twenty-one wins and zero losses during the regular season and now move on to the north county championships in April.  People ask me what separates us from the other teams.  I am quick to respond that there is someone special living in my heart, someone who faced death and conquered it.  Every victory I declare in my life is through Him, Jesus, my Savior.  I love sharing Him with my team-mates.  Here is a picture we shot earlier this week.  It will accompany the story appearing in our local paper.  Thank you, Jesus, for leading me.  I declare each victory in your name, on and off the courts, and I thank God for bringing each of them into my life.

Front row: Larry; Row two, left to right, Tori, Teri, Corri, Olivier, Stacey (team captain),Shelley; Row three, Jim, Mike, me, Chris and Dave

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