Monday, March 14, 2011

Deciphering God's Plans

There is only one way the puzzle of your life fits together.  When you work on a jigsaw puzzle, some pieces look like they go together.  Upon closer inspection, you discover a mismatch.  You need to keep working, finding the right connections until that last piece is in place, revealing the complete picture.

So it is with God's grand design for your life. Once the last pieces of my life's puzzle are put in place, I can see clearly what God wants from me.  That first seed He planted about starting a blog seemed crazy at the time.  Now it is the backbone, reaching to every country in the world, including places where access to God is limited by censorship and dictators force their own beliefs on those seeking the truth.

A recent storm dumped twenty three inches of snow on the mountain near my home attracting large numbers of visitors to the Devil's Punchbowl, a ninety foot waterfall located in the Cleveland National Forest bordering my neighborhood.  The final scene in my book takes place at a meadow nearby these spectacular falls.  God has placed the photo I shot of the falls in the first position of the Google images attracting over a thousand curious visitors to my blog.  They were searching for directions and "accidentally" found this obscure blog.

I wrote the final chapter of my book BEFORE the freak storm came.  It was complete BEFORE the channel 10 helicopter flew to the site showing the meadow where the final climax of the story takes place.  God created the big picture before He created me.  Then, He cut up the puzzle into thousands of pieces and hid them from me, giving me a lifetime to figure out His masterpiece.  At last, it makes sense.  His Holy Word is the owner's manual.   Instructions are scattered from Genesis to Revelations.  Anyone who seeks the truth can find Him.  I am a simple person and I found Him.  My job now is to help you see the big picture.  YOU are the missing piece of the puzzle.  It's almost complete.  Jesus is returning, SOON.  Will you be there to meet Him?  The puzzle won't be complete unless you become a part of it.  Time is running out.


JP said...

Here is your blog editor checking in. Today's blog has a strange line "my a photo". I think your voice translator had trouble with it.

Michael Mulligan said...

Thanks again, JP. Editing is what makes or breaks a book. I appreciate your diligence uncovering errors. My voice activated software is a Godsend, however, there are times when simple words are not recognized. The software improves as it becomes accustomed to my voice. At this time, I am relying on others to spot the errors. Great job!