Friday, March 25, 2011

Friends of the Library

Ellie Slade, branch manager for the new Ramona library, shared her vision for our community the other day during our conversation about my book signing event.  This new library will be an asset to our community, not because of it's grandeur, but because of the people who staff it.

Youngsters gathered for story time, led by Ellie.  When they were done, they headed off to the community room to make crafts.  Small groups gathered in meeting rooms within the library while others worked in the computer room.

I got the opportunity to meet with volunteers from the "friends of the library" and they shared their passion for inspiring others to read.

"We encourage children to bring in their old books and turn them in for a new one," one volunteer said.

"Others come in to volunteer a couple of hours cleaning or doing whatever needs to be done to help out."

I will do my part by promoting this special group of committed citizens.  As you do your Spring cleaning, consider donating your old books to the library.  Any donated books sold at the book store bring added funds to the library, helping them to initiate new programs which benefit our community.

Stop in and check out the new library and add your name to the friends of the library.  If you are interested in picking up an autographed copy of my book on April 16th, from 9am to 11am, make sure you bring a used book to donate and you will get a discount.  Other Ramona writers will be with me, offering autographs for their creative works.  Hope to see you at the book signing.

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