Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three Timelines

The Mardis Gras parties are over and in my faith, today marks the first day of a journey to Easter. It is a time of preparation. In my church, this day is called Ash Wednesday. We are called to repent and to believe the Gospel. This journey is for all of us regardless of what church we belong to or if we do not follow any particular faith. Easter is all about what Jesus did for everyone that was living in his time, those who died before Him, and those who came after Him.

Lets consider the three timelines of Jesus. Because He is both human and Divine, He has the ability to travel forward and backward in time. This is hard for us to picture because we are "linear", that is we have a beginning and an end and we can only exist in the present.

When Jesus was on the cross dying for our sins, He had the ability to see you in His mind even though you had not been born yet. He could see the moment of His joyful return to be with you in the flesh. He also had the ability to see those who died before Him. As He was on the cross, He was thinking about you.

We can ask Jesus to go back in time for us to a moment where we suffered. We can ask Him to take away the pain of something that happened long ago. Jesus exists in three timelines at the same time. While we are preparing to celebrate an event that happened 2,000 years ago, all of Heaven is preparing for an even bigger event, something that would make Mardis Gras look like child's play. This event is the real deal. It is our greatest hope. It is the day Jesus returns to be with us forever.

Since we do not have the ability to time travel, it is important for us to just live our lives, one day at a time. We can focus our attention on preparing for Easter. We can make sacrifices during this season of Lent to get ready for what is ahead. We can celebrate what Jesus did for us by dying on the Cross and understand that our future timeline includes meeting our Savior face to face. Jesus has already seen that future and He is waiting for you. This season of Lent is a perfect time to get ready to meet Him.

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