Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Mendoza Line

Baseball season is starting up again. Athletes are in spring training and Opening Day will be here soon. There is an unofficial measuring stick that all hitters strive to stay above known as the "Mendoza Line". Anything under .200 is considered below standard. That means that a player only needs two hits out of ten plate appearances to be at this mark.

In life, you are not measured by your "strike-outs" but by your "hits". These "hits" or successes are directly related to the number of plate appearances you make or attempts. There is no Mendoza Line in life. The only way you can possibly fail is by not stepping up to the plate.

If we were all baseball players in the game of life, most of us would be below the Mendoza Line. That is OK. The key here is to keep trying. We are all in "spring training" and some home runs are ahead for those of us that keep working on the fundamentals. We need to focus on the basics and make a game plan for our future. There will be many strike-outs ahead but our job is to learn from the strike-outs. No matter what curve balls the game of life throws at you, eventually you can hit the ball out of the park and your batting average will be way above the Mendoza Line. Keep swinging the bat.

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