Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Last Gold Medal in the Olympic Games

The climax of the Olympic Games is just hours away. Canada has been an excellent host country and the U.S. has won more Winter medals than ever. The showdown everyone in North America has been waiting for will be the most watched hockey game ever.

Kudos to general manager, Brian Burke, for putting his young players on notice that they are in Vancouver to win. Many thought he recruited young players to prepare for the 2014 Games in Sochi, Russia. We were considered a long shot and now we are the only undefeated team left. Team Canada's only blemish is a loss in the preliminary round to our young team.

This is a very big game. Canada is the powerhouse. On average, their players make $3 million more per player than the Americans. Today, 23 young Americans will represent our country in a game that will be remembered for decades. They are not the superior team but they believe they can beat these giants.

The sun is finally shining today and we will be far away from radios or TV when the game starts. My family will be on a long nature hike in the mountains. I am crossing my fingers that I do not hear any news of the game so I can watch it after the hike as if it were live. Could today's game turn out like the "Miracle on Ice" from thirty years ago? Regardless of the outcome, the Russians are probably already training for our reunion in Sochi, Russia four years from today. Team Canada will also be ready. One of us will be the defending gold medal champions. I am hoping that team Canada will be a gracious host. It is already one of the most memorable Olympic Games ever...

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