Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Little Things Matter

A smile. A compliment. An act of kindness. All of these things take just a moment to do. They have the power to change the world around us. These little things matter.

I remember the story of how a young man started passing out ribbons to people who were important. The idea was to pass it on to others along with some words of encouragement. These symbols of recognition changed attitudes and lives of the people who received them.

A man who felt un-appreciated at work received one of these ribbons from his boss. It touched him deeply. He thought of his son and decided to give him a ribbon and tell him how much he loved him. The son immediately broke into tears in front of his father. He told his father that this act of kindness came at a critical time in his life. He felt unloved and was planning on committing suicide that same day. All he needed to know what that he was loved.

Yes. The little things matter. Show appreciation for the people around you and watch them light up. Everyone needs a pat on the back. You can make a difference.

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