Friday, February 5, 2010

Body Care

My wife's uncle Chuck loved to fix up classic cars. He attended car shows all over the country. Before he passed away, he found an old ford convertible from the 60's that was in very bad shape. He spent years finding the right parts and when he was done, his pride and joy was fully restored to it's original showroom condition and it looked similar to the picture in today's post.

My kids were so thrilled to ride in his red Thunderbird as we drove through the town with the top down. Uncle Chuck had a unique ability to see beauty in vehicles that others had discarded.

If my body were a vehicle, it would qualify for consideration as a classic. I am from the baby boomer generation and we are all approaching the time when we have to deal with keeping our bodies on the road. Some of us have already ordered replacement parts.

If we take care of our bodies like my wife's uncle Chuck did with his classic cars, we can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life. If you feel like your body is turning into a clunker, lets look at a few ideas to get you back to showroom condition.

The first step is to believe that you can be restored. Visit your doctor and get a check up. Fill up your gas tank with premium gas and get the motor running properly. Get the gas with lots of color, the kind you find in fruits and veggies.

How are those spark plugs? All of us need joy in our lives. Healthy relationships give us the spark we need to energize our engines. Forgiving others that hurt us is like having an oil change. This needs to be done regularly.

Take a look at your tires. The proper tires are needed for the road conditions you face. I recommend a great pair of running shoes for those early morning jogs. If you prefer hiking, get a nice pair of hiking boots and explore nature in your area.

A good road trip is important. Get those RPM's up into the red zone and clean that tired engine out. If your engine has not experienced this in a long time, start slowly so the engine does not overheat. Soon you will be ready to race again.

Whatever your make or model, recognize that it is a one-of-a-kind. Restore it to its factory condition and the world will appreciate its natural beauty. Remember, the world would be very boring if every vehicle looked the same. Appreciate your uniqueness and let it shine as you travel on the highway to Heaven.

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