Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Fork in the Road

"If you don't know where you are going, every road will take you there" -A Chinese Adage

As human beings, we have been designed with a free will. That means that every time we face a fork in the road, we have freedom to choose which path to take. There are millions of possible outcomes for our lives. Each fork in the road leads to more forks and more choices. How do we know which way is best?

Learning about people that have come before us can be helpful. When someone else faced a similar circumstance, we can look at their choices and use their example to guide us. We can also learn from our past choices. Sometimes, a bad choice can give us the feedback we need to prevent this from happening again.

The worst thing we can do when faced with a fork in our road is to "freeze". We need to make a decision and move forward. If our choice is the right one, we will advance to the next set of choices. If it is the wrong one, we need to learn as we move forward.

The Holy Spirit has given me help as I have faced important choices and decisions. God is all-knowing. We cannot see what is ahead on our road, but the Holy Spirit knows which path is best for us. If we trust that little voice inside of us, we can minimize our poor choices and reach our potential.

In order to connect with the Holy Spirit, we need to form a relationship. Ask the Holy Spirit to be with you throughout the day. He can be our friend even if the world around us is falling apart.

The path would be boring if it didn't have so many choices. May you enjoy your journey and make wise choices as you approach each fork in the road.

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