Sunday, February 7, 2010

The God Connection

I saw the movie, Avatar, with my wife and youngest son when it was released in December. It is no surprise to me that the movie has received nine Oscar nominations including best picture. It is also no surprise that the movie is getting over 70% of its revenue from overseas. In the David vs. Goliath scenario, the primitive people on Pandora stand up to the mighty Goliath, AKA the United States as we battle to take their precious resource,"unobtainium." The world loves to see the underdog win against all odds.

There is something really special about the main character, Jake Sully. He is a marine who fills in for his brother at the last minute when his brother dies. He is untrained and can no longer walk. He is chosen because of the genetic match to his brother and the body he will use on Pandora is made from human and alien DNA. Jake's mission is to get to know how the aliens live so that we can defeat them.

Jake falls in love with the people of Pandora as he learns what they are all about. For me, watching the scene where Jake bonds with one of the banshee animals, made me think about the connection our Creator is attempting to have with us. Once Jake and the banshee have "fused", the two are in harmony. This is the final step in Jake's journey to bond with the aliens.

Jake must rely on Neytiri to teach him how to bond with the banshee. She tells him that he will know he has found the right banshee when it attempts to kill him. He must overcome the banshee's resistance in order to form a life-long bond.

Deep down inside of us, we know that our Creator wants to bond with us. Just like the banshees on Pandora, we resist. Perhaps we are afraid of what will happen if we surrender to our Creator? Our lives will change, but will they be better?

Once Jake Sully is able to bond with his banshee, the two soar like eagles. The connection is everlasting. Our Creator has big plans for us if we are willing to step out of our comfort zone and "fuse" just as Jake fused. God will not force Himself on you but he has already chosen you and wants to form an eternal bond. Are you ready? All you have to do is say yes...

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