Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Fellow Christian Offers Hope

Last night I met an old friend after my night of tennis. His story of letting God be completely in charge of his life gave me much comfort. We both recognized that our meeting was part of God's plan.

I will be spending more time with my friend and when the time is right, I will ask him to share his story with all of you. I told my friend that I have been in a war zone these last five years and I feel like I have been beaten up. Then he told me that no matter what struggles you face, when you walk into a room, others can see the light of Christ shining and they want to know what is going on. He told me he has always seen that light each time our paths crossed.

We are not meant to be on the journey alone. I thank God for all the people He has placed in my life to encourage me to keep going and I thank my old friend for the hope he gave me last night. He has a powerful story to tell and when the time is right, I will have him write a guest post so that the light of Christ he has inside of him can be shared.

It is only appropriate that my partners and I are moving into our new office today in the middle of another storm. We have been dealing with Winter for five years now and all of us know deep down that Spring is almost here. Today is no different from any other day at Zoom, we will work together to get this move done in time for our next work week and we will not allow the stormy weather to get in our way. Sunny days are ahead. May you see the light of Christ in others and may that light lead you to your destiny.

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