Thursday, June 18, 2015

Please Pass the Frugal

Most households don't serve frugal at the supper table.  No, it's not salt and pepper.  it's not a fruit or a vegetable – it's a standard of living.  Dave Ramsey says "it's a choice to live like no one else so you can live like no one else."  I believe more people would opt for frugal if they realized just how good it tastes.  I have a few ideas to spice up your life.

  • Close your eyes while chewing.  Imagine your life without any credit card bills or auto loans.  See yourself taking more vacations.  This is all possible when you change your spending patterns.  Visualizing this will motivate you to skip out on wasteful spending.
  • Sprinkle some frugal on your daily activities.  Make it fun.  I'm recycling cardboard boxes for autographed books.  Not only does this save me money on shipping costs, I hand-craft the cardboard so that when readers open up the package the first thing they see is a a pair of caveman eyes staring at them.  This gives new meaning to frugal.  The feeling is like giving home-made cookies to your neighbors.   
  • Can your coins.  We have a coffee can for our loose change.  Every day we add to our vacation fund.  It adds up.  Just make sure you don't raid the can until vacation time.
Make frugal your mantra.  The next time you're breaking bread with your family, ask them to please pass the frugal.  Share about how more frugal in your family diet will improve your well being.  Have a great day.

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