Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Got Peace?

I'll never forget the wildfire my family and I experienced in California.  Fireballs shot through the air like tiny meteorites with tails that looked like comets.  I sneaked back in to our neighborhood the following morning with my brother-in-law.  The place was like a war zone.  Dense smoke blocked the mountain top where my home stood.  I was sure it was gone.  Twisted steel was all that remained of my next-door neighbor's dwelling.  It was surreal.  The only thing intact was my sense of inner peace.  I headed to church to give prayers of thanksgiving.  I had everything I needed:  my wife, our children, our pets,  and a crate filled with 5,000 love letters my wife and I penned to each other.

Our church was nearly empty.  Most of the people had been evacuated from our community.  When the service was over, I walked outside and checked my voice mail.  A neighbor phoned to tell me her husband, a harbor patrol officer, managed to get past the barricades.  He connected our hoses together and put out spot fires still burning in our yard.  Miraculously, our home was unscathed.   The message didn't change my sense of peace.  It was already present.  Everything else always seems to fall into place when you find your peace, even in the worst of circumstances.

My prayer for you today is that you find peace.  Don't worry about what's going wrong around you.   God is with you in all your trials.  Have a great day.  Peace be with you.

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