Thursday, June 4, 2015

Are You Ready for the Next Chapter of Your Life?

Warning.  The next chapter of your life may be filled with surprises.  Something happens.  It's different from yesterday.  You've been there, done that.  Why not turn the page?  I believe there are two reasons why you should move on to the next chapter.  The first is hope for gain.  By moving forward, you will meet new people, find new opportunities and improve your life.  The second has to do with fear of loss.   If you choose to keeping re-reading old chapters, you will miss your date with your destiny.  You will die with a sack full of regrets.  Your book of life will be incomplete.

Start your next chapter today.  Don't wait for the perfect time.  There is no perfect time.  Be bold.  Seek adventure.  Change may be painful but it's worth it.  Have a great day.  Happy reading.

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