Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Have Fun Downsizing Your Debt

Happiness doesn't come from the size of your bank account.  It's a state of mind.  The same is true when your finances are upside down and out of control.  Your attitude determines just how much abundance you really have.  I choose to make debt reduction a fun activity rather than a chore.  It works.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Cut the cable and replace TV time with game time.  Solve puzzles together.  Play Scrabble.  When I called to cancel several months ago I told the rep I was downsizing.  Instead of losing me, they offered to reduce my channels and lower my bill to $13/mo.  When the free movie previews are playing, we record all the best shows and save them for a rainy day. 
  2. Make do-it-yourself desserts.  They're cheaper, tastier and wallet friendly.
  3. Skip the cell phone upgrade.  Those two year plans include a fee for your new phone.  Your cell phone provider won't reduce your bill automatically if you stick with your old phone at the end of the contract.  Call them when your contract expires and tell them you want a better deal.  I'm saving $25 per month by holding on to my old phone.
  4. Add photos from your next vacation spot to your calendar and put a coffee can next to the pictures.  Put your loose change in the coffee can.  It adds up to a fantastic vacation.
  5. Check out your local library for movie night.  We pay $1 for our movies and $2 when we feel like splurging on a new release.
Please share your tips for making debt reduction fun in your family.  I'm looking forward to reading your comments.  Have a great day.

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