Sunday, April 5, 2015

Walk This Way

Imagine you're walking on the road to Emmaus with a friend.  You feel lost.  Your hope is dead.  There's nothing left to be joyful about.  Your spirits are down.  A stranger joins you on your journey out of town.  He's clueless about the sad news and you wonder how he could be so out of touch.

"Jesus is dead," you tell the stranger.

The stranger wants to know more so you keep the conversation going.  You're impressed with the stranger's ability to share his ideas about Old Testament Bible stories.  He opens your eyes to greater understanding and you decide it may be worthwhile to spend more time on your own in the Good Book.  It's getting late and the stranger wants to move on but you ask him to stay and break bread.  That's when it happens.  He reveals himself to you in the flesh.  He's alive.  It's Jesus!  The Risen One.  You feel a surge of electricity inside your own body.  You go outside and run.  You don't stop.  You can't wait to return to your loved ones and share how you found the Risen Lord on the road to Emmaus.  As you trace your steps back home, you realize something... Jesus was always with you every step of the way – you just didn't notice.  All you need to do today is open your eyes and see Jesus.  The tomb is empty.  He's alive.  Seek and you will find.  Happy Easter.

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