Monday, April 27, 2015

God's Love Language

When God speaks, he sometimes uses pictures rather than nouns and verbs.  This double rainbow was my first heavenly road sign on our nine state adventure last week.  We pulled over to snap a couple of pictures and returned to our rental vehicle to follow the rainbow.  The right end was perched on top of a church.  I thought, is this some kind of prelude to God's plans for us?  The rainbow vaporized a few moments later.  Dark clouds in my rear view mirror reminded me of previous storms I weathered in earlier chapters of my life and I hoped we could outrun them.

I'm still learning God's love language.  He is the master of the universe and I'm his student.  There are no words to describe God's ways or his love for us.  Rain on your wedding day doesn't mean God is mad at you but rainbows in the sky are helpful reminders God is with us in all the storms.  Have a great day.

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