Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Next Adventure – Hiring a Publicist

I met with my boss at my day job twenty-four hours before I released my first novel .  "I wrote a book," I told him at the start of my shift.  His face lit up, like a proud father and he peppered me with questions about the process.  At the end of the conversation he suggested I hire a publicist to promote my book.  His idea makes sense.  I'm so busy writing I don't really have time to promote my books properly.  Rather than reach out to unknown people, I'm turning to my base of blog readers and twitter followers for help.  I'm feeling inspired by the excellent results I obtained when I asked my FaceBook friends for assistance finding a graphic artist for The Caveman in the Mirror.  Elite Sports was just five miles from my own backyard.  Could my publicist be a neighbor next door?  I'm ready for the adventure to begin.

If you know someone with the right skill set to help me reach my marketing goals, please email me with the contact information.  Have a great day.

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