Saturday, April 25, 2015

Caveman Miracle Network Launches Next Friday, May 1

Our family is on a road trip home today.  We're enjoying quality time with all three of our adult children.  It's hard to believe our youngest is about to head overseas for three years in the Army.  He'll be stationed in Germany.  Our oldest son was recently accepted to mentor high school kids in Brazil this summer.  He can't wait.  Our daughter also inherited the travel gene but chooses to stay close to home for now.  People ask, "what do you do when you have an empty nest?"  I write and my wife reads.  She's in the middle of my first novel and seems to like it so far.  She hasn't made it to the scary part yet.  And that's how I feel about the Caveman Miracle Network, scheduled for launch next Friday on May 1.  It's scary.  What's even more frightening for me is not launching.  Here are some of my excuses for skipping out:
  • I'm super busy.  My deadline for my next book is now seventy days away and I have a long way to go to get it done.
  • I don't have big bucks.  
  • My friends are busy.  I was fortunate to find a graphic artist to design my front cover.  Most people I ask are struggling to keep up with their workload.
  • I don't like asking for help.
My excuses carry little weight when I measure them against the benefits of launching.  Miracles don't happen all by themselves.  They need believers.  They need legs.  And arms.  They need helping hands.  Miracles need one dreamer to say, "I'm in."  They need someone who will step into the arena and leave their excuses behind.  I'm in.  I'm launching.  And I'm asking you for help.  I know you're busy.  Here's what you can do that will only take a minute of your time and will benefit sick kids:

Share a link to this story on your FaceBook page.  Anyone who orders "The Caveman in the Mirror" during the month of May will be helping a local kid out in the Children's Miracle Network.  The Kindle edition is free on kindleunlimited and Amazon will pay royalties for the free versions.  Thanks for helping the kids out.  I'll see you on May 1.  Have a great day.

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