Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Please Help a Caveman

I'm on day 2 of my family road trip today.  We're headed to Georgia for our son's graduation ceremony.  He's been in boot camp since the first week of January.  We can't wait to see him and bring him home for a short leave before he departs for Germany.  In order to get the most out of every precious moment with him, I'm limiting my time on the computer.  It may take me a little longer to respond to your emails while I'm on the road.  Thanks for your patience. 

I want to share something personal with you about my latest project called "Miracle in May."  It all came together while I was in church a couple of Sundays ago.  The message was about how the community of believers came together to help others in need.  I felt a nudge to use my writing talent to help sick children.  I need your help.  Here's the plan for the Caveman Miracle Network...
  • I'm donating all royalties from my books and kindle versions to the Children's Miracle Network in the month of May, helping local kids in my community.  My boss at my day job who chooses to remain anonymous will be matching all donations made from me and my friends, dollar for dollar.
  • Amazon Prime members who read my kindle books for free during the month of the May will add to the donations because Amazon pays royalties when members read
  • Kindle owners who check out my books from the kindle library for free between May 1 and May 31 are also included in the royalty program.  These royalties will be included in the check I give to Children's Miracle Network.
  • Please spread the word about this project.  Take a moment and like my author page to show your public support.  Share it with your friends.  Read my books.  Invite me to do a guest post on your blog if you have one.  
This is a grass-roots effort.  I believe a miracle is going to happen in May.  The size of the miracle depends on the number of helping hands who participate.  Please join me.  Share this post with your friends.  Thanks for helping a caveman out.  Have a great day.

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