Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One Word Synopsis of My Upcoming Book: Heartfelt

The nest has been empty since the beginning of the New Year but a new baby is on the way in our household.  The labor pains are strong.  The contractions are getting closer together.  The final pieces of the puzzle are about to be placed.  The front cover is ordered.  I can't help this overwhelming feeling inside me to birth this my new book one week from today.  The best way I can summarize my feelings in one word is "heartfelt."  It's about connecting.  I found the missing link last night in the eyes of my caveman.  My hope is that when you see the cover and look into the eyes you will feel what I feel.  If you feel drawn to my baby and desire to unwrap its swaddling clothes then my mission will be accomplished.  Have a great day.

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