Thursday, March 19, 2015

In Pursuit of a Front Cover

Today is day two in the labor and delivery room.  I officially beat my wife's record of thirty-four hours with our first-born.  Unfortunately, I'm now forty-eight hours past my book release deadline and I'm still in pursuit of a front cover.  I thought writing the novel was the hard part.  I'm one yard from the end zone.  The fans are restless.  It looked like the game was finally over when I tracked down the artist who created the blue-eyed caveman I wanted to use.  It was a day-long adventure that ended in Spain.  My request was written in Spanish.  Louis wrote back at 10:30 pm, Spanish time, that the art was for academic purposes only.  I asked him if his team could create an original caveman for my cover.  His teamed is all booked up.  He said no.

One interesting note about my book writing and publishing journey is how similar it mirrors my own personal life.  I'm not worried about the last yard.  My coach knows the right play calls.  All I need to do is be patient.  The One I follow is about to do something truly magnificent.  I'm staying in the game and  I'm going to find my receiver in the end zone as soon as the graphic artist suits up and joins the huddle.  Have a great day.

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