Sunday, March 15, 2015

Introducing My Fictional Peeps Featured in The Caveman in the Mirror

There was a point during our relocation three years ago where my family was pretty much convinced I had lost my mind.  They were right.  My SHS classmates learned of my craziness long ago when my English teacher asked me to bring in what I like to read and I showed up with a cereal box saying, "Mikey likes it."  I believe I needed to lose my mind in order to find my creative place located somewhere over the rainbow.  Dorothy had her Scarecrow, Tin Man and her Lion.  I had Wilson, Umbro, Chara, and a naked caveman.  What I didn't have was a yellow brick road to follow so I took Interstate 80 and ended up somewhere northeast of Kansas.

The pictures you see in today's blog are fragments from my reality/imagination zone where I go every morning to piece everything together.  They won't make much sense to you until you read The Caveman in the Mirror.  Mikey hopes you like it.  Come back on March 17 for the rest of the story.  Have a great day.

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