Monday, March 2, 2015

Failure has a Flip Side

I found the secret to success.  It's the willingness to belly flop over and over until you get it right.  Most people have no desire to see the flip side of failure – that unknown monster who resides on the dark side of your dreams.  That's right.  Success is like a coin toss.  Heads, you win.  Tails you lose.  When winners see tails, they ask for another coin toss.  Losers play the game once, get tails and quit.  Some quit playing even when they get heads.  Their coins are a double-edge sword.  Fear is on both sides.  They fear success just as much as they fear failure so they refuse to play.

The best way to take fear out of the coin toss is to play the game.  Take chances.  Learn from your mistakes.  Laugh at the big splashes when you belly flop.  Play the game and stay in it until you reach your dreams.  Have a great day.

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