Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Difference is Hope

Is hope in your equation today?  I believe it makes a difference.  The above quote says it all.  You can throw in the towel and walk away or you can choose to rebuild.  I've faced this question many times in my life.  Yes.  Hope makes all the difference.  Even a glimmer of hope can change the outcome.

Think of hope as a tiny seed you plant.  You have an expectation that something good will happen.  Be patient.  Water the seed.  Nurture it.  Don't worry about what others say when the seed doesn't sprout right away.  When that seed sprouts, celebrate.  Plant another seed.  Expand your garden.  Each seed is a dream.  It will grow roots if you take care of it.  Don't ever give up.  The difference is hope.  Have a great day.

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