Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What it's Like to Live with Clarity

Clarity waited patiently for me to finally discover her hitchhiking along Interstate 80 on my morning commute.  Every day I zipped by without ever noticing her standing there.  I suppose I wasn't really ready to meet her.  My mind was distracted with too much clutter.  Something happened when I committed to change.  It was like the fog lifting.  That's when I saw her.  They say picking up hitchhikers is dangerous.  It's true.  And leaving clarity all alone is more dangerous.  Today I'm delivering on my promise to share what it's like to live with clarity.

I read a story about someone who opened a place called Resolutions.  The first two weeks of the year it's a fitness center.  After that, the place is converted into a bar for the remainder of the year.  Everyone laughs except clarity.  Clarity is intentional.  Clarity is steadfast.  She's a visionary.  Clarity is the opposite of willy-nilly.  Clarity waits to visit the gym until the weak have abandoned their resolutions and cleared out with eleven months left on their membership.  Clarity doesn't tolerate excuses.  Here are ten bullet points from clarity you can use to improve your vision:
  1. Be concise.
  2. Focus.
  3. Commit.
  4. Endure.
  5. Adapt.
  6. Imagine.
  7. Pray.
  8. Forgive.
  9. Let go.
  10. Organize.
I invited clarity to live in one of our spare bedrooms.  She's an amazing room-mate and she has bold plans for my wife and me.  Have a great day.

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