Thursday, January 15, 2015

3 Ideas to Get Your Mind Right

I like to joke to people about how left-handed people are the only ones in their right minds.  Even though I happen to be a leftie, I sometimes struggle to get my mind right.  Here are three ideas I use to jump start my brain.
  1. Imagination.  The technique is simple.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself at your best.  Do you see yourself as confident, friendly and fun to be around?  Focus your brain on the attributes you desire for yourself and then go out into the world and be that person.  
  2. Quiet time.  Your brain needs down time to rest and recuperate.  If you can sneak away for ten minutes in the middle of the day and allow silence, your brain will get a quick recharge and your productivity will soar.
  3. Minimize stress.  Most stressful situations are self-inflicted due to lack of preparation or poor planning.  I give myself a fifteen minute buffer zone when I need to be somewhere important.  My brain stays on cruise control because I'm not stressed about the traffic or the road conditions.
Practice these three ideas daily and you will find improvement.  Have a great day.

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