Monday, December 1, 2014

Why I Will Always Be a San Diego Chargers Fan

In San Diego, Chargers fans call this month Philcember in honor of their quarterback, Philip Rivers.  He and the rest of his team did it again yesterday in Baltimore when their backs were up against the wall.  Rivers orchestrated one of the greatest comebacks of all times when he threw a touchdown pass with only 38 seconds left on the clock.  Final score, 34-33 over the Ravens.

I can relate to the Chargers in so many ways.  The Chargers have never won the Super Bowl.  They suffered a number of disappointing 6-10 seasons.  Their first three starting centers all suffered injuries this year.  The number four guy never played the position before and he got hurt during Sunday's game.  All the odds seem to be against the Chargers.  And every year they find a way to get back on track late in the season.

I'm finding ways to get back on track in my personal life after some falls and I get my inspiration from Philip Rivers.  He stares at his opponent and searches for signs of weakness.  He doesn't care how big his opponent is or what the odds of success are.  He knows there's always a way to win if you don't give up.  Congratulations, Chargers.  And thanks for giving my family and me so many great memories.  A Super Bowl ring would be a great way to cap off such an amazing season.  We will be cheering for you.

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