Saturday, December 27, 2014

Win and You're in

Most football teams don't have much to play for this time of year.  Not the San Diego Chargers.  They need one more win tomorrow and they're in the playoffs.  I find myself in the minority of Chargers fans who live so far away from San Diego.  The only reason I've been able to see so many games in the Midwest this year is because of key match-ups against top level opponents.  Philip Rivers and company remind me that football and life are similar.  All that is necessary is to win and you're in.  Here are some examples.

  1. Prepare.  Week 17 of football starts in the preseason.  You set goals.  You develop strategies.  You review what you did right last year and build on that.  You identify areas of weaknesses and look for ways to rebuild.  These last remaining days in 2014 are your preseason.  Take time to prepare for the next season.
  2. Scout.  Your opponent may be a pro bowler.  Study him.  Look for trends and tendencies.  The more you know what you're up against, the better you will be at game time.
  3. Use Your Time-outs.  When things aren't going well, call a time-out.  Improvise.  Don't give up.  Change your pace to get your opponent out of his or her rhythm.  Drink water.  Catch your breath.
  4. The Game isn't Over Until the Clock Expires.  And just like last week's thriller against the 49ers, sometimes you get the opportunity to play in overtime because you came back against all odds.  Don't ever give up.
  5. Keep in Touch with the Boss.  No matter what town Phillip Rivers is in, he makes sure to attend his house of worship before the game.  He has his priorities right.  Nothing gets in the way of his prayer time.
2014 is almost over.  What kind of outlook do you have for next season?  Why not adopt a "win and you're in attitude"?  Make the upcoming season a year to remember.  Have a great day.

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