Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Favorite Holiday Decoration

My wife and I found comfort and joy at a resale shop in Iowa after we relocated.  Someone else discarded it.  We stared at it for a moment, added it to our cart, and brought the sign home.  We display comfort and joy year round.   Not only is comfort and joy my favorite Holiday decoration in our home, it's so important to us we leave it up year round as a reminder comfort and joy is a lifestyle not a season.

I have many reasons to be joyful.  Last night my youngest son and I went to a Hawkeye wrestling meet.  Our local wrestling team, currently ranked #1 in the nation, walloped their opponents 37-0.  Tonight we get the opportunity to cheer for our beloved San Diego Chargers in a nationally televised game versus the New England Patriots.  It doesn't get more exciting than this except for the second coming of the Messiah.  Think about that for moment.  Our greatest comfort and joy was wrapped up in a tiny blanket 2,000 years ago.  He became man.  Literally.  He changed the world.  Then he left.  And he's coming back.  Every knee shall bow.  That's a great reason to be joyful in any season.  He's coming back!

Happy December.  Make it a season to remember.  Be joyful.  Be comfortable.  Invite Jesus into your heart today.  Make him a permanent fixture in your home.  Yes, it's sad and it's true others discard Jesus.  Recycle.  Share.  Spread comfort and joy to others.  Whatever you do, don't ever discard Jesus.  Have a great day.

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