Sunday, December 28, 2014

Find the Why in Your Goals

I found a way to stay focused on my goals without giving up.  It's rather simple.  It has to with the "why."  It's the underlying reason behind every goal you set.  All you have to do is remember why you found the motivation to make a change in your life.  The bigger the why, the easier is it to stay on target.

Imagine you're in the doctor's office.  He tells you unless you make significant changes in your eating habits, you will die.  You go home and throw away all the junk food.  When you go shopping, you only put healthy food in your cart.  You are focused on living.  You don't want to die.  You have a great "why" to keep you alive.

I'm using this same strategy for debt reduction.  My "why" is similar to the example above.  I want to live.  And being a slave to debt is not living an abundant life.  Every spending choice I make has consequences.  I remind myself of the why every time I get the urge to revert to old behaviors.  It works.  Try it.

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