Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How are you preparing to meet your future self?

The meeting is inevitable.  You are destined to meet your future self.  The truth is, you're going to become your future self.  Some things can't be changed – like your shoe size.  But others can – like your waist line.  Most importantly, the person you meet in the mirror will be a direct reflection of what you do today and every day from now on.  Here are some ideas to help you prepare...
  1. Never underestimate the power of small choices.  Small amounts of junk food add up to an over-sized stomach.  
  2. Consistency matters.  Imagine how happy your future self is going to be if you follow a steady exercise program and keep your body toned.
  3.  You are your most valuable asset.  You have everything you need to give your future self a great life.  What you to today with your time, talent and treasure will determine how the future you looks and feels.  You can minimize any future regrets by taking action today.  Exercise.  Eat healthy.  Fill your mind with positive thoughts.  And don't put off looking in the mirror and seeing what changes need to be made today so the future you won't wake up sad or angry.
Be careful not to look in the mirror today and blame your past self.  He or she is no longer with you.  Move on.  Start over.  The only person who can make a difference today is you.  The best gift you can give your future self is to live today to its fullest, take some chances, learn from your mistakes and trust your instincts.  Please don't bury your head in the sand.  And don't ever be afraid to look in the mirror.

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