Thursday, December 11, 2014

Life is a Maze

When I was a kid, I invented a game called maze tag and everyone in the neighborhood enjoyed playing it.  One person was in charge of building a maze using kite string that covered the size of a front yard.  The players started in the center of the maze and the tagger entered from the outside.  The idea was to find your way out without being tagged.  The maze was constantly changed to make it more challenging.  We played for hours in between building forts and go-karts or flying kites and climbing mountains.

My life is similar to playing maze tag.  The maze is constantly changing.  An antagonist is chasing me and I'm not sure how to escape.  One thing is certain – if I remain frozen in the center of the maze, eventually my opponent will hunt me down and tag me.  I'm out.  I lose.

There are over 7 billion active mazes in the world today,  each custom-made for the individual.  The design changes daily to keep it interesting.  There are two possible exits.  Be careful how you play the game.  The tagger will try to trick you.  He may even try to convince you there's no way out.  He's a liar.  As complicated as your life may be right now, there's always a way out.  Keep moving forward.  Seek and you will find.  It's okay to ask for help in the game of life.  I follow the master of the game.  He even figured out a way to conquer death.  He's sad so many players start out with so much promise and determination.  They have good intentions but they lose their way.  They end up at the wrong exit door.  Those who follow Jesus are guaranteed victory.  It doesn't make the game any easier.  The only thing Jesus promises is that he will be with you to help you avoid getting tagged.  Follow him.  You will have a successful outcome.  Enjoy the game.

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