Monday, November 10, 2014

Why I Gave My Ego the Pink Slip

Think of your ego as a separate person.  Let's call him or her Sam.  If Sam were on your payroll, ask yourself if Sam is a contributor or a detractor.  Does the world revolve around Sam or is Sam genuinely interested in others?  Believe me, I know how tough it is to look in the mirror sometimes, especially when Sam is a problem.  The power is within you to fire Sam and go in a different direction.  Here's my dear Sam letter:

Dear Sam,

We've been together a long time.  After much prayer and careful consideration I've decided to terminate your employment, effective immediately.  It's time to move in a different direction.  The truth is, I believe I can do better with a new management team, led by three persons with an amazing track record.  In order to succeed, they need 100% support.  Sam, you served me well in tough times when I felt all alone.  The problem with your methods is that you're really not a team player.  You boast of your achievements and only focus on what's in it for you.  You can't even see the damage you've done to your own family because of your own personal desire to move up the chain of command no matter how high the personal costs.

Don't take this personal, Sam.  I know how hard it is for you to swallow your pride.  Consider your termination a lay-off.  I made a personal decision to hire the Father, Son and Holy Spirit a while ago and you barely noticed they moved in to our home and our office.  Haven't you been aware of the cutbacks or the remodeling?  I turned over all of our assets to the Son and asked him to find a way to eliminate our excessive liabilities.  Jesus believes I'm spending too much time working and not enough time enjoying my family.  He promises if I follow him and surrender everything, he can work some miracles in my life.   I trust Jesus.  He trusts his Father.  The Holy Spirit works behind the scenes but is on call 24/7.  I'm getting three for the price of one.  The only one I can no longer afford is you.  You're fired!

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