Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day

I talked with one of my tennis buddies recently, a World War II veteran who served as a staff sergeant in the army.  He told me, "I'd go back in an instant if they'd take me.  We're facing a terrible enemy."  People like Elliott are the reason why we have so much today.  They were willing to sacrifice everything.

Soon, our youngest son will be joining the military ranks.  He departs for boot camp in early January.  He chose the infantry because he believes there is no greater cause than to stand up and fight for our freedom.  Like the millions of others before him and those who are presently in harms way, Shane is willing to take a bullet in defense of our country.

To all my uncles, my relatives and my friends who served or are serving, and to our son who will be joining them soon:  Thank You.  Happy Veterans Day.

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