Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Who Inspires You?

How long is your list of people who inspire you?  Have these people been on your list for a long time?  Are there any newcomers?  What is it about them that makes them so special?  I'm going to share two names at the top of my list:  my mother and my wife.  Here's why:

My Mother.  My mother is wise.  It's not the kind of wisdom you get from reading books.  It's a street smart kind of wisdom that comes from dealing with life's curve balls.  Mom is resilient.  She never gives up.  She never complains.  She sees the good in others.  She encourages me to be my best.  She cares.  She has a big heart.  Mom is the person you want on your side when your back is up against the wall and your world is falling apart.  She has unshakeable faith.

My Wife.  My wife is a kindred spirit of my mother.  It's as if God cloned my mother's heart and transplanted it into my bride of twenty-five years.  When God handed out blessings, I received a double dose.  No matter how badly I get beat up in the ring, my wife can look me straight in the eye and say, "everything's gonna to be okay.  You can go another round.  I'm right here with you."

Now it's your turn.  Who inspires you?  Why not give him or her a call today and let them know how they make you feel?  Have a great day.

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