Monday, November 24, 2014

Where Happiness Comes From

Three months before Jack Lalanne, a fitness expert and health guru, passed away, he responded to my letter.  I was hoping to meet him and shake his hand.  Jack was touched by my letter.  I told him he was an amazing influence on my life and I wanted to personally thank him for his inspiration.  His calendar was full and he was unable to accommodate my request.  Instead, he mailed me an autographed 8x10 photo he personally signed.  I framed it.  What a class act.  It was heartbreaking when I got the news he passed at age 96.  I sent condolences to the family and got a kind response.  The message included a special request – The best way to remember Jack is to commit to an hour of exercise every day.  Thank you.

I want to go beyond the family's request and do something in Jack's honor.  Below is a video of Jack in his younger days sharing where happiness comes from.  His message is timeless...

Here's one last idea about happiness.  Reach out to someone today who adds to your happiness and thank them.  Let them know how much they mean to you.  Do this every day.  And remember to exercise one hour per day.  Class dismissed. 


Michael Mulligan said...

I love your blog on happiness. Here is a poem I wrote a while back:
By Freeing myself from the distractions of the world,
From the daily barrage of advertisement that surrounds me, trying to tell me how to look and who to be,
From the constant stream of destructiveness of a society that wants to remind me of who we are not rather than who we can be,
From noise pollution of honking horns, loud TV & music, ringing cell phones and pointless conversations,
From people who criticize, judge, gossip and complain rather than appreciate, build up and encourage.
Now I can see more fully the beauty of God's creation in every single thing.
I can sense the awareness of my own breath.
I can hear the world better.
I can see her beauty all around.
I can smell the sweetness of life more intensely.
I can more fully appreciate the caress of a hand, the gift of a hug, the taste of goodness.
Now I can appreciate the uniqueness of who I am and reach within for the power of God's love to bring these gifts to the world.
Now I am empowered...
To create, to encourage, to love,
To enlighten, to befriend, to show compassion,
To cry, to help, to smile, to give,
To step forward, to take a stand, to lead,
To laugh, to dance, to sing,
But most of all to BE HAPPY!
By Marcie Rupcich

Michael Mulligan said...

Aunt Marcie, I read this to Helen and she says, "Amen." Ditto from your nephew. Well done. Thanks for sharing this. Love, Michael & family

Michael Mulligan said...

My pleasure :)