Friday, February 21, 2014

Why I'm Not Ready To Crash the Gates of Heaven

I remember sitting in the congregation during a funeral service.  The pastor painted a glorious picture of Heaven.  He said, "it's impossible to resist the urge to run as fast as you can straight for the gates of Heaven."  Silently, I disagreed.  I have one very important reason for staying behind – you.  I would rather be the last person on earth to reach Heaven if it means helping you find your way.  Nothing else really matters.  Jesus is the One who inspires me to be God's ambassador.

Imagine yourself in Heaven.  Angels are singing.  There are no signs of sickness or violence.  Jesus is in the center of the crowd.  Then, a voice calls out.  It resonates through Heaven in a pleasant tone, like James Earl Jones.  "My Son, My Son, I have a job for You.  My children are lost.  Will you please leave Heaven and go to earth to help them find there way back to Me?"

Jesus really did this.  He exited Heaven, became man, and walked among us for one reason – you.  He loves you that much.  Jesus is the teacher.  He is willing to leave the other ninety-nine to go find the one who is lost.  He asks us to do the same.  And so I write these messages of hope every day to help you find your way back to the One I follow.  Heaven can wait.  I have an important job to do.  Please don't follow me, follow Jesus.  He is your shortcut to Heaven.  I'm taking the long way.  Please save me a seat at the table, even if it may be the last one.

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