Thursday, February 6, 2014

Are You Playing To Win?

The Ace of Spades is considered the highest ranking card in the deck.  It was used in the Vietnam War as a psychological weapon to scare the enemy.  American soldiers believed leaving an Ace of Spades in the mouths of dead enemy soldiers would make the enemy flee without a fight.  The battlefield was littered with the Ace of Spades, compliments of Bicycle Playing Card Company, who sent crates of supplies marked "Bicycle Secret Weapon."

I'm not superstitious.  I don't read horoscopes or fortune cookies.  I'm not afraid of the Ace of Spades or the underlying idea of death many people associate with this playing card.  Death is a card that will appear in our hand at some time in our lives.  It is necessary in order to reach our final destination.

The good news for believers is that you cannot lose this game if you possess the right card.  Anyone who asks for this card receives it.  It's free.  There are no strings attached.  This card trumps the Ace of Spades.  Even death has no power over it.  This card is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  Until this card was added to the deck, it was impossible for anyone to win.  Now, anyone who asks for this card is given new life.  All debts are paid.  All sins are forgiven.  This card turns losers into winners.  This card is Jesus.  If you are playing to win, make sure this card is in your hand.  The Evil One may try to convince you that you don't deserve this card.  Hold on to it at all costs.  Nothing else is worth anything unless you have Jesus.  Are you playing to win?

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