Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sorry, Mother Nature, You Will Not Defeat Me

The other day, Mother Nature dropped two inches of sleet on my driveway for her opening act of the morning.  Next, she added about five inches of snow to top it off.  When the storm passed, I grabbed my youngest son and a couple of snow shovels.  We chiseled away at the frozen sheets of ice and managed to clear most of the driveway by twilight.  Strange thoughts were going through my head, like:  Wouldn't it be fun to make an igloo out of these frozen blocks of ice?  And: Hey, this is an awesome workout.  Take that, Mother Nature... is this the best you've got!

That's right.  I'm not going to let Mother Nature get me down just because she's spewing her frigid air all over the United States these days.  As soon as the weather gets back up into the thirties, I'm firing up my Weber barbecue and I'm sending my smoke signals up into the sky announcing that Spring is in the air.  There is always a way to adapt when the weather is not cooperating.  I would like to thank my daughter for inviting me to play tennis with her on the indoor courts at her school.  After our workout, we ate lunch at Cheddars.   She was the one wearing shorts.  She seemed oblivious to the below freezing temperatures.  I guess beating Mother Nature at her own game runs in the family.

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