Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Youngest Warrior In Our Family

It was one of those Rocky Balboa moments last night, the final night of our youngest son's high school wrestling season.  His hopes of taking home a first place medal were dashed when he encountered an over-matched opponent in the first round.  Round two ended in a narrow overtime loss.  I could feel our son's anger and disappointment from up high in the packed stadium.  Round three was a different story.  That was the moment when our youngest son revealed what he is made of.

When the score was tied after time expired, I thought, here we go again.  The referee signaled for the two opponents to begin the overtime round.  The result was the same – another tie.  Time for double overtime.  Another tie.  Triple overtime!  And with no time on the clock I witnessed something very special.  Our son dug deep and managed to pull out a dramatic win to close out the final chapter of one amazing season.

I know where that final victory came from.  It came from all the hours of preparation.  Shane never missed one practice, not even on the days when he was injured or feeling sick.  He could have said he had enough when football season ended.  His body was bruised and he was feeling the pain of his injuries.  His physical therapist asked him, "have you had enough?"

"Not until the season is over," he replied.  Last night was enough.  His accomplishments will prepare him well for what is ahead after high school.  I'm sure there are plenty of Rocky Balboa moments ahead.  How about you?  Are you ready to keep moving forward?  How is the winning done in your life?

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