Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why I Love Her

Before I met her, I saw the world through the prison bars of solitary confinement.  I falsely believed it was better to be alone than to risk taking a chance on love.  She set me free.  The first time I saw her I thought I spotted someone with angel-like qualities, just like Seth did, an angel from the movie City of Angels.  Once Seth became mesmerized  with Maggie, played by Meg Ryan, he desired to experience human feelings, like the sense of taste and touch.  In order to do that, Seth needed to give up immortality.  The only thing I needed to give up was the cave I lived in, along with all the negative emotions that prevented more from tasting and feeling the world.  She taught me to let go.  She taught me what love means.  She inspires me.  And she loves me as I am with all my quirks and faults.

This morning I told her the title of today's blog story before she rushed out the door to lead a high school retreat at our church.  She smiled and said, "you won't have enough time to write all the reasons."  She's right.  So I will summarize it this way:  I love my wife because when I look into her eyes I see a glimpse of Heaven.  She may not be an angel, however, she is as close as it gets.  I found my angel on earth and I will love her and cherish her all the days of my life.

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