Friday, October 11, 2013

Why You Need to Overcome Your Fear of Flying Solo

My grandfather was a doctor in the Midwest.  He placed skis on his small airplane so he could visit his patients during snow days.  One day he invited my dad's twin brother to fly with him.  During their jaunt, granddad cut the engine and the plane stalled.  He yelled, "Mike, say your prayers, we're gonna crash!"  I wonder if this childhood experience is the reason my uncle prefers to stay under the radar when it comes to modes of travel.

Consider your life is like flying an airplane.  You spend your childhood in flight school studying the control panels and learning how to read the instruments.  When it's time to fly, your instructor sits next to you while you prepare for your first takeoff.   You feel comfortable because someone is there in case of an emergency.  The day comes when you're ready for your first solo flight.  This is what it feels like when you move out of the house and venture out on your own.

There have been many times in my life when my engine stalled.  I also know what it's like when you can't see out the window and you have to trust your instruments to get to your destination.  My uncle Tom displayed a bumper sticker that read God is my co-pilot.  It helps me to remember this on days when I feel alone and the conditions outside are less than optimal.  The challenges in our lives give us opportunities to come up with creative solutions, like putting skis on our plane during Winter.  All you have to do is get over the fear of flying solo and you will discover all the opportunities waiting for you at high altitudes.  Are you ready for takeoff?

What fear are you facing that's keeping you grounded?  Please share how your life will be better once you overcome this fear.  Your comments may help others who are dealing with the same challenges.

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