Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to Keep Those Plates Spinning

Life is like a bunch of plates spinning in the air.  Every plate represents one part of your life.  Each plate needs attention or it falls down.  Have you ever noticed how the female gender rocks in the plate spinning category?  They keep the checkbook balanced, the house clean and the children fed before they head off to their full-time jobs every morning.  Then there's the opposite sex.  We get one plate spinning and we want the world to marvel at our performance.  Or someone interrupts us with a question and we say, "not now, I'm spinning this plate and it requires my full attention."

My wife is planning a get-away with her girlfriends next weekend.  While she's away I'll get an opportunity to spin more than one plate at the same time.  I have a plan.  Here's what it looks like:
  1. Make a list every morning of all the plates that need attention.
  2. Decide which plate to spin first.  Focus on the plate until it's spinning properly.
  3. Move on to the second plate.  Use peripheral vision to watch the first plate while giving plate #2 what it needs to get in motion.
  4. Keep working on the list until all the plates are spinning.
  5. Don't interrupt the wife while she's away on her get-away.  She doesn't need to hear the sound of all the plates crashing to the floor while I'm on the phone with her.
  6. Make sure the blog story publishes on time while my spouse is away.  This lets readers know I'm not starving,  the kids got their homework done, I didn't burn the house down and I learned how to keep those plates spinning for 48 hours.
  7. Replace all the broken plates before the Mrs. comes home.
  8. Hide the emergency room bill for that visit I made because I forgot to put my shoes and socks before I started spinning the plates and I needed stitches when the plates fell down and smashed my big toe.
  9. Bribe the neighbors so they keep quiet about the taxi I hired to get the kids to school on time and the maid I hired to clean up the mess from all the broken plates.
  10. Praise God I'm married to a professional plate spinner.  And when she comes home and asks about the weekend, tell her I appreciate her more than ever.
This upcoming weekend will be my first major test as a daily blogger.  The story I wrote a couple of days ago, "How Long Does It Take To Complete Your Destiny," is the 1,500th consecutive daily post.  It's the first plate I spin every morning.  If you don't mind, please check back on Saturday and Sunday to make sure I'm surviving without the Mrs. — and if you don't see my stories next weekend at 8:08 AM, Pacific Time, send a prayer my way that my wife comes home to find me in one piece.

Please share your ideas about how you keep those plates spinning in your life.  Thanks for the tips.

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