Friday, October 18, 2013

Use the Law of Thirds to Take Better Photos

I love being a shutterbug.  The photo you see above was shot at dusk about one mile from my home.  I used a technique known as the "rule of thirds" to help draw viewers into the sunset.  Follow these tips to improve your photography skills:

  1. Draw two invisible vertical lines in the scene you are photographing at 1/3 intervals and two more invisible horizontal lines at 1/3 intervals.
  2. Line up your the focus of your shot where the invisible lines intersect.  Amateurs photograph their subjects in the center square.  Professionals follow the rule of thirds.
  3. Make your photo "flow."  Take another look at my sunset photo on top.  Your eye automatically goes to the upper left quadrant and then follows the flow of the shot because of the position of the power lines.  Your mind drifts or flows to the lower right quadrant and stops at the silhouette.  Then, it follows the invisible line on the lower horizontal line and stops at the point where the sun is behind the farm buildings.  You can do the same thing in your shots when you are photographing waterfalls, sunsets or anything else when you understand the law of thirds.  Get creative.
Don't forget to share your sunsets.  Remember to keep the sun out of the center and place it where the two lines intersect for more dramatic photos.  Let me know if this helps.  Have a great day.

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