Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Success Requires Fishing Skills

Here's a good question to ask yourself at the end of the day:  "Did I catch anything?"

Your answer is determined by several factors.  I like to think of it the same way a fisherman approaches his day.  If you're going home empty-handed, maybe you need to try these pointers:
  1. Make sure you're not scaring the fish.  They are your family members, fellow employees, your customers, even your boss.  A good fisherman knows the importance of being still.  Your calmness helps to keep the fish from scattering.  Be gentle.  
  2. Use the correct bait.  Recognize that each person you interact with has different taste buds.  You need to ask the right questions to attract the other fish to your hook.  If your fish aren't biting, try changing the bait.  Nibbles are signs you're making progress.   More follow-up questions are needed to make sure you have a successful outcome.  Be patient.
  3. Don't give up too soon.  The best fisherman will stay out on the water all day until they accomplish their goals.  Amateurs look for excuses.  They blame the weather.  They blame the fish.  They never blame their own lack of commitment to improving their fishing skills.
What is it that you're fishing for?  Do you believe you have what it takes to become successful?  Perhaps you could share one of your favorite fishing stories in the comments section below?  Thanks for participating.

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