Monday, October 7, 2013

Meet Bernie — The Man Who Torches Your Dreams

Dream killers are arsonists.  They lurk in the shadows of your dreams.  They have one purpose — to intentionally and maliciously set fire to anything and everything you care about.  Dreams are their specialty because they are highly flammable and wreak havoc.  These dream killers wait until there is enough kindling before they strike a match.  Most people never get the opportunity to confront their arsonist face-to-face.  This morning I decided to give my dream killer a name.  The man you see in the composite sketch above was spotted in the Iowa City area not far from my day job.  He is wanted by the local police for questioning.  He matches the description in my mind of what my dream killer looks like.  I'm nicknaming him Bernie because he likes to burn things up.  If you look closely at the clues, I believe you will find evidence of someone just like Bernie in your life.  Here are some tips to snuff him out of your life for good:
  1. Fight fire with fire.  I learned this technique when I got an opportunity to bring food and water to the firefighters in our community during a wildfire.  The firefighters appeared in twos carrying blow torches and radios.  Their job was to wait until the winds were blowing in the right direction so they could set backfires.  These backfires kept the blaze from spreading.
  2. Give your arsonist a name.  It's easier to fight him if you know what he looks like.
  3. If you can't find your Bernie in the shadows, look in the mirror.  Listen closely to the voices inside you.  If you hear someone telling you that your dreams are silly or impossible, that's not you talking — it's Bernie.  Call him out.  Tell Bernie his arson days are done.  Evict him.  Do it today.
Who will be the one to set your dreams on fire?  Is it Bernie, the arsonist who wants to destroy your dreams?  Or you — the visionary who wants your dreams to shine like a wildfire in the forest on a dark night?  You decide.  Please share your answer in the comments section below.

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