Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ordeal or Adventure?

 The jury returned to the courtroom.  They deliberated for hours before rendering the verdict.  Both sides delivered a compelling argument.  The prosecution used its opening statement to persuade the jury this was an open and shut case.  "Look at the facts," the prosecutor said, pointing to a chart.  The evidence is overwhelming.  You must find the defendants guilty on all counts.  This family gave up their home, their livelihood and their community.  They loaded up the moving truck and headed into a land filled with uncertainty.  Clearly they are guilty of committing a class 5 ordeal."

The judge looked at the jury once they were all seated.  "Are you ready to present your verdict?"

"Yes, your honor," the foreman replied.  "We the jury find this family not guilty on all counts of committing an ordeal.  We find that their new lives in the Midwest can only be labeled as an adventure.   This family has proved to us beyond any reasonable doubt that their attitudes played an important role in this case and prevented them from committing any acts resembling any kind of ordeal."

"Is this unanimous?"  the judge asked.

One by one, each member of the jury nodded affirmatively and said yes.

"This family is free to live out their lives in the Midwest.   Let them go," the judge said.

The family hugged one another and left the courtroom.  Outside a news reporter shoved a microphone in front of the dad and asked, "why do you think the jury found you not guilty of committing an ordeal?"

"Attitude," the man replied.  "It's all about attitude.  We all face the same struggles and the same set of circumstances.  One man's ordeal is another man's adventure.  Our family sees adventure in every situation.  Thank you for your question.  Pardon me, I need to get back to my life."

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